Role: Product Design

I worked as the Product Designer in a small team of Developers and Project managers assisting the client FreshBooks with a new product that would connect their users to their Shopify accounts.

While working with the FreshBooks Project Manager and Product Owner to research market openings and through user interviews found a solution to enter the market.

FreshBooks Shopify App Dashboard


Open the accounting and invoicing platform to a new e-commerce solution to connect users to the online stores where they sell their goods.


Connecting the end users source of income with the platform that handles the accounting was the primary concern for the application. Making a system that will work unattended to handle the busy work after initial set up was the most desirable outcome. Allowing the user to set the app up and have the ability to change those settings was important in a workflow that could change at any point.

task list and filtering

Easy Authorization

With a one click account authorization process allowed easy login and in app registration meant less clicks or multiple pages.

Multiple dashboard for organization


For a platform that ran on a cycle notification emails for process help alleviate the user from having to dedicate too much of their attention to the app.

Custom Theme for platform

Understandable Settings

For the alpha release the main settings with explanations were set up to explain wha the setting was for as well as their options for choosing.

Platform ROI

User Onboarding is a Must

With FreshBooks already concrete focus on the user experience the user onboarding was a must to walk through first time user experience in an easy to follow flow.

SCRUM Agile Workflow

Instant Progress Report

Having up to date information on the progress of the application was pivotal for an application that runs in the background. With the large number of information that needed to pass from application to application needed the user benefited from knowing where they stood. With instant numbers and alert for failed order syncs they were able to stay in the know.

Client portal access functionalty

Project Process

The process for the project followed the full design process from market research and user interviews for features and gotchas. User flows and simple wireframes were used to work through feature responses as well as new user and existing user flows.

As FreshBooks is an established company and a Design Style Guide already in place the next step was to create a click though mock-up of the app for user experience testing.

Additional Project Duties

  • Front End Development
  • Client Communication

Additional Work