Role: Product Management & Design

I was brought on to the project to help complete and improve the platform to open collaboration between users. I worked with the start up owner and the lead developer to create improved communication features.

Task Launcher Dashboard


Find new features and improve existing features to create a greater platform communication and connection between users working on a project together. Create collaboration platform that is easy to use and have features to improve conversation for users working together on a project or Start Up.


Disorganized comment feed section with disconnected reply nesting. Only platform communication was by text and initial post was attachment or text. The over all user adoption was low from the beta user group before production launch. Deeper research showed user confusion on message date and sequence of replies.

Private vault messaging

Vault Communication

Private communication area for users who are invited to work together through invitation.

Drawmenting visual communication

Visual Feedback

Image and video upload tool for graphics with overlay drawing tool for commenting.

Vault notification dashboard

Activity Notification

New messages flagged with badges and notifications for returning users.

Platform ROI

Visual Reply

The new feature for open collaboration coined as "Drawmenting" uses a drawing tool to layer visual comment markup over top the original image and previous markup. Allowing users to use markup to visually communicate their comments allow for improved retention of perspectives.

Drawmenting layer mark up communication

Access Anywhere

Access to group projects and constant connection the flow of ideas is important for full group participation. With the plan for desktop application to further improve its reach with mobile application.

Desktop and mobile platform

Project Process

Working on creating new features for existing platform we analyzed user behavior and competitor feature offerings to create new benefits to the platform. With the use of a beta user base we were able to test new features and improve and retest prior to launch to the production application.

Additional Project Duties

  • Front End Development
  • Environment Maintenance

Additional Work