Role: Product Design

ListFlo was born out of the problem of creating a process for repetetive processes that have certain steps that need to be taken in order for success completion.

List Page Wireframe


Repeated projects kept having steps forgotten and steps completed incorrectly. When a company offers a service that should be repetitive with each persons steps needing to be completed the process will be prone to mistakes.

With repeated services given the process was never completed the same each time and steps forgotten and mistakes were made causing issues. Need for a solution to make the process flow easier and more consistent to remove error was needed.

User Flow and Page Architecture

Product Architecture

Creating page architecture and user flow maps were created.

ListFlo Dashboard Wireframe


Wireframes were created to build the general layout and structure of the project.

List Page Wireframe

Hi-Fidelity Mock-Ups

Wireframes were created to build the general layout and structure of the project.


Creating a solution to align tasks and create accountability was necessary to make sure that every step of the process was followed.

With projects that are tasked multiple times a solution for saving templates and starting new projects quickly was a requirement.

With initial concept creating a system of list creation and task assignment to create consistency in each project so no step s were missed.

task list and filtering

Project List

List page with project information and list items for completion.

Multiple dashboard for organization


List Templates can be saved and created for projects that repeat themselves for easier publication for each project.

Custom Theme for platform

Team Member Roles

With Member Roles users that have more seniority in the team can have access to create and edit lists and templates.

Platform ROI

Team Task Completion Consistancy

With project task lists and templates the process can be saved and deployed for each project making sure that every step of the process is followed in the right order every time.

Project Process

Starting with the initial stake holder meeting and problem definition the project moved into the planning and concept phase. With close work collaboration with the product owner I was able to work out the user flows and over all architecture of the product. After a solution was created the project moved into simple wireframe process to create user experience and planned product layout. When development started the product was subject to multiple iterations and feature improvements prior to product launch.

With the product launch and beta user testing more refinement to the platform completed from user feedback and blockers.

Additional Work