PetMed MD

Role: Product Owner & Product Design

Working with a small team of developers to create a product as a personal project to combine pets medical paperwork in one place. My role as the product Owner and Product Designer managing developers progress and work to complete the project on time.

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As a pet owner the need to have quick access to pet vaccination records and medical reports happens a lot. Having a portal for veterinarians to keep digital records for pets and easy access to history from pervious vets improves the process and assures most up to date information. With access to pet records for the pet owners they will have the complete story on their pets health.

Needing pet records when boarding a pet or needing grooming needs is a must. Changing veterinarians requires bringing your pets history along with your pet to initial visit.


Creating a product that will give a veterinarian a portal to manage patience records, notes from visits and vaccination records. Easy access to new patient visits for full history and up to date records so the whole story is known. As a pet owner having access to your pets records along with veterinarian notes about care and list of medications.

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Vet Profiles

Looking for a veterinarian view profiles to find the office best for you.

Multiple dashboard for organization

Vet Finder

Find hospitals or services that will have the PetMed MD platform.

Custom Theme for platform

Owner Dashboard

Quick access and a list of the pets for their records.

Platform ROI

Veterinarian Portal

The portal gives the veterinarian access to manage the pets medical records and make updates. Veterinary offices have access all their patients with access to new patients through a unique pet id number. Offices can be given access by the pet owner and Vets have full access to their patients full history.

Vetrinarian Client Portal

Pet Profile Records

With full access to your pets history records are easy to find and share. Send records through your app to services needing vaccination records. Share profiles with sitters and gig services, access vet notes so your pet care is never in question.

Pet Medical Profile

Project Process

Starting the project with a concept idea and performing market research and identifying competition and what holes they have in service. Planning the application features and services before creating wireframes.

Additional Project Duties

  • Front End Development
  • Team Leader
  • Team Leader
  • Product Maintenance and Updates

Additional Work